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 $38.00 BasicMed Examinations    $40.00 FAA Drug Testing


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  • Step 1: Get the Form Review if you’re eligible for BasicMed and download the FAA Medical Exam Checklist. Complete the self-assessment portion of the form.

  • Step 2: See Our Doctors To Take your FAA Medical Exam Checklist (from Step 1) and get a BasicMed specific exam. Have Our doctors fill out the rest of the checklist.

  • Step 3: Take Self Assessment Course Self, Once you have completed your FAA Medical Exam Checklist, take course, pass the quiz, and earn your BasicMed completion certificate.

  • Step 4: File Documents Print out your course completion certificate and keep it with your exam checklist in your logbook. Make sure you have a valid flight review and you are ready to fly.

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