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Why Back to Health FAA BasicMed Clinics?

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What you need to know

Third class medical reform has been an AOPA priority for years, and now it’s a reality. By completing four simple steps, eligible pilots can now fly under FAA’s BasicMed rules. Review AOPA BasicMed Pilot and Physician Guide (PDF 651 KB) and BasicMed FAQs(PDF 284 KB) to see if you’re eligible to take advantage of BasicMed. If you held a regular or special-issuance medical anytime on or after July 15, 2006, you are likely eligible to fly under BasicMed.

Step 1: Fill out the pilot self-assessment portion of the checklist form, before your doctor visit. Provide your doctor with the AOPA BasicMed Pilot and Physician Guide (PDF 651 KB) before the exam, if possible.

Step 2: Visit our doctors for an exam specific for your BasicMed requirement. (Past yearly physical or other medical visits can’t be used for BasicMed eligibility.) Have your doctor fill out the remaining portion of the FAA Medical Exam Checklist. You’ll need a BasicMed specific exam at least once every four years to the date of your last exam. Examinations must be performed on or after April 24, 2017.

Step 3: After your doctor visit, once you have your completed checklist, take this online course. Use this page to sign up and log-in. (Keep in mind that your account log-in is separate from your AOPA website account.)

Step 4: After successfully completing the course and passing the quiz, you’ll be able to print out your BasicMed certificate of completion, which you’ll add to your logbook with your completed FAA Medical Exam Checklist. You’ll need to retake the BasicMed course, at least once every two years to the end of the month of your last completion, and pass the quiz.

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